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My Name is Mary S.

Virginia Beach

Objective: Reflections Letter English 112

Reflections Letter

When reflecting on the essays written for English 112 this semester, I have observed, that each subsequent essay showed an improvement in my writing skills, and thinking processes. My casual argument essay #2, "The Biggest Loser Is The American Worker" was the most enjoyable, because it invoked the most passion of the three essays assigned. The "Think Piece" assignment on "Globalization-Importing and Exporting America" contributed, by leading me down the right path when writing this essay. I strongly believe, in the direct relationship between globalization and its negative effect on the American worker.The devastating effects on the job market by globalization have become the American worker worse enemy. Millions of Americans have either lost their jobs, because they were exported overseas, or were replaced by foreigners with working visas. I agree with Gabor Steingart statement that, "America has a long history of producing a strong working middle class", which have contributed to our countrys success. The protection of jobs, wages, benefits, and bargaining power by this middle class American worker is essential, when keeping our country strong enough to compete in todays global economy.

In retrospect, my first visual argument essay, Smiling Is Not Her Habit was the most difficult to write. The photo poster created by the Centers for Disease Control to prevent teenage cigarette smoking, presented a complex message. At first the message seemed simple, but when trying to write an 800 word essay I realized a deeper analysis of the CDC's methods would be required. During this analysis the chapter, "Understanding Visual Arguments" in our text was helpful, along with the experience working with teens as a school nurse.

Each writing assignment improved my writing skills in several ways. The content of my writing grew significantly due to the Think Pieces, Point & Counter Point, and essay assignments. In the past, when writing I focused on grammar, structure, and organization. This course forced me to be a critical thinker and to evaluate, and educate the reader. I learned for the first time to write a paper in APA format, because other classes required only the MLA format. Upon the completion of this course, I now have a greater confidence in my writing abilities.


Registered Nurse at Brandon Middle School in VA Beach, VA

US Navy Hospital Corpsman, Physical & Occupational Therapy Assistant, LPN, Pediatric Nurse

Mother of one son, and a Bassett Hound.

My TCC E-Portfolio