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Who I am and where I am going.

Just call me Mary. I was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1956 and have fourteen siblings; eleven brothers and three sisters. My hobbies include watching, and participating in many sports, working in the garden and drawing. I am fifty years old and have a twenty two year old son attending Old Dominion University. Back in 1974 I began college majoring in graphic arts. My path in life switched when I entered the US Navy in 1978 to become a medical illustrator, but instead ended up a [medic] Navy Corpsman. After six years of Navy service, I was honorably discharged in San Diego California and became a License Practical Nurse. I lived the life of a Navy spouse, which included moving every three years, first traveling to Guam, then to Newport Rhode Island and settling in Virginia Beach in 1991.

In Virginia Beach I began working in pediatric medicine, and completed an Associate Degree Registered Nursing program at Tidewater Community College in 1995. Two years later I began working for Virginia Beach Schools as a nurse at Brandon Middle with a 1,500 student enrollment. I am also a member of the Virginia Beach Medical Reserve Corp. After nine years as a School Nurse I decided to return to college and obtain a Bachelor Degree in Nursing. Beginning next Fall I will be attending Old Dominion University enrolled in a RN to BSN Program. Although Virginia does not require a BSN degree when hiring school nurses, it is preferred and is required in many other states. Returning to school at age fifty did not seem unusual, until I attended my first classes last semester and the average age of my Chemistry lab group was 25 years. The most notable differences I have found in college is the use of technology, and online courses, I welcome both.

My life began in a world without personal computers. In 1980 I began using a Commodore computer and had to tell the computer what to do in its own language. I am comfortable with today’s technology and the use of the computer to include the internet. This technology is used widely in my job and at home. I communicate through the net with the many members of my family, to include my brother who is in Iraq. Exposure to young people in education keeps me up to date concerning technology, and excited about its future.

I was born in Michigan, and I am one of fifteen children. My parents live in North Carolina and are doing well. I have 42 nieces and nephews, and Yes, I know all their names.

I love School Nursing

What a job!

I believe a Nurse working in a school can inhance a child's ability to receive a quality education.

I love going to plays, hiking outdoors, all music formats, and walking my dog.

My all time favorite movie is "To Kill a Mockingbird"

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:

Josh Groban, James Taylor, John Williams

My TCC E-Portfolio